Like grandfather, like grandson

Hy guys!

A few of you asked me to do a bookreview on my latest read, No Man’s Land by Simon Tolkien.

About the book itself

English cover


Dutch Cover

Both covers are, as you guys can see, very similar. I really like the art on the cover. The poppy representing the war, the soldiers representing the no man’s land. It’s a very thick book but it has only a bit more than 500 pages.

The Story=  ( This next part won’t be straightforward ( sorry to all my teachers :p ) but a concurrence(? I don’t know if this is the right word) of all my thoughts and feelings… sorry about that!

When I was a bit younger, I really liked the books by JRR Tolkien. The hobbit, Lord of the Rings,.. where just amazing and just like Harry Potter they played a big part in my (reading life). 

Unlike his grandpa, Simon really used looooooooooooong sentences. And that was a part I found very difficult about this book. Further on I got used to it. And I even got the feeling those long sentences got a bit shorter by the end of the story.

The story itself was just my cup of tea. 

It was a lovestory with action and a great part of drama in between. It was a great story. Although I had the feeling (here comes an inside joke, don’t bother understanding if you haven’t seen the episode of the show 😉 ) that the Legends (from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow) could arrive every time Adam was in the trench. That would have been so funny XD 

I also liked the fact that the characters still where a bit open if you know what I mean. Simon gave them a lot of characteristic but we still had the possibility to fill in the rest of their life, appearance,… and that is one of the parts I really love about a good book.

My favorite moments in the book (not in that order)

  1. The first time Seaton came back home
  2. When Brice confronted Adam about looking at Miriam
  3. Cartwright, he made me think of a butler from another story but I can’t remember which one.
  4. Adam’s friendship with Rawdon
  5. Adam’s mom (may she rest in peace) and her love for music.
  6. When Adam stood up to Madam Vale and told her he wanted tot marry Miriam
  7. The fact that Adam got the chance to study in a time like that
  8. The first football game
  9. Ernest who stood by Adam through thick and thin.
  10. (near) The ending of the book: Chapter 40…It was a very dramatic scene.
Happy reading 😉

My reads of 2017

Hy guys!

You’ve probably seen that my blog has changed a bit in lay-out in the past week :). If not, I have a good address for an Optician.

So look right 😀

From now on I’m gonna share the book I’m currently reading with you guys. If you like it or not, that’s up to you!

If you want me to write a review on a book I’ve read or wanna know if it’s a good book in general without the spoilers, just ask! 🙂 

I will be reading (mostly) the Dutch version of a book so don’t judge me if you read something you don’t understand because the character or something else has a different name in Dutch.

To the people who emailed me: I’m reading your books! Just give me some time. I’m getting there!

If you have an idea about a bookblog or if you want to write one yourself but you don’t have the blog to do so, send me a message! 🙂



Let’s go to futuristic London, shall we?

And to quote one of my first book reviews of last year, “The year has just started and I think I found one of my top 5 books of the year already”. 

The last saturday of 2016, New Years Eve, I got a book titled “A Thousand Pieces of you” by Claudia Gray. (Thanks to my friends 🙂 ) … And before you go: oh she got a book, shocker…. I am someone who loves to read but have a very weird taste in books. But they’ve chosen very well… very well indeed because I started reading the following day and only needed two nights to finish it XD


If someone would ask me what my favourite book genres are I would answer: “something romantic, fantasy, love triangle -ish but in a great place on earth that is preferably visitable…

And that book has it all. But really EVERYTHING….(well, except for that “visiting places part’ but more of that later :p )

If you’re going to read the book: SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!

Update on the 12th of January: I just bought book 2. XD Where’s the third one??? 

For those who continue reading this, WELCOME and enjoy this!

Let me know if you guys ( if you read the book already) thought the same things and what your favorite moments in the story were. And if you haven’t read the book but are planning to, after reading this blogpost, what changed your mind? Tell me! I really wanna know

Finally, I want to say that this won’t be a boring book report but an insight (in case you haven’t realized) in what I felt when I read the book and what my favorite moments were

About the book itself

The cover is very colorful and I like the fact that it shows the cities that you visit alongside Marguerite. It isn’t that different from other languages so that’s a good thing too.

(English cover)

(Dutch cover)

The Story=  ( This next part won’t be straightforward ( sorry to all my teachers :p ) but a concurrence(? I don’t know if this is the right word) of all my thoughts and feelings… sorry about that! )

I always liked authors who made up a whole new world with new things but also with things you can relate to in our own world… Like for ex. Harry Potter. We all love the whole new world with the magic, the fantastic beasts, Hogwarts,…. but the fun thing about Harry Potter is that Rowling kept a ‘normal’ part. The normal life in Privet Drive, the visit to the zoo,…(well okay, without the “falling through the window of the snake cage” – part XD) those parts keep us wondering if it would ever happen to us, if we would ever get our letter to Hogwarts…

But, making up a ‘new world’ isn’t always that easy. Over the past years I didn’t like the Divergent series. I was too young probably and I just couldn’t relate to it. But over these past couple of months I’ve watched the 3 films that are out now and I’ve fallen in love with them! ( and a bit with Theo too but that’s a story for another time XD)

My favorite moments in the book (not in that order)

The love triangle. I mean, COME ON #goals XD (okay, maybe not…)

* Marguerite. I really like this heroine… Probably because I can see a lot of myself in her.

* The Firebird.. I always have to think about Felix (hp) when I hear this name… And a bit of that            medallion Tessa has in The Infernal Devices.

* Theo and his affection towards Marguerite . He sounds like the perfect guy for me too XD (really,      he’s that bit nerdy but not too much.. ugh, you guys know what I mean)

* Marguerite’s first trip to London. I love London in general and I loved the fact that I could follow        her through the city in my head.

* Russia. Just WOW.

* The flashbacks. They explain a lot but still have a lot of story in them too.. I know that isn’t making     any sense but just read the book.

* The fact that I have no idea who Marguerite will choose at the end of the bookseries (I know I’ve        already read the second book but I’m even more confused now XD)

* Aunt Susannah’s apartment & when Marguerite brings Theo “home” :p I was like: who is this              woman and where can I get one? XD

* The bad guy in the book, Conley… I’m still not sure if I should hate hime or love the character… or      both

It was our movie…

… and it changed our life forever.
Hy Everyone! And welcome to my second book review of the year!!!!!
(en ja, nu beloof ik van deze zowel in het Engels als in het Nederlands te doen 🙂 )
First of all, I want to say that I don’t have any idea when I’m going to post this on my blog. It can be next month or the month after that… depends on the fact if I found the ‘2016 reading challenge’ yet or not…. (Zoals ik dus zei zal het van de 2016 reading challenge afhangen wanneer deze post online gaat; volgende maand of de maand daarna, we’ll see)
Second, I wrote a book review on the first book of the serie, “Girl Online”. You can find it here 🙂
(Ten tweede heb ik het eerste boek ook ooit al eens besproken ( eigenlijk haast een jaar geleden :p, klik de “HERE” als je die wil lezen 😀 ) 
Third, I copied/paste a few things from all my other book reviews…. Yes, I know, lazy. But That’s me. DEAL WITH IT 😀
(Veel gekopieerd en geplakt van al mijn vorige blogposts. Maar ik ben nu eenmaal gewoon LUI. Leer ermee leven. )

So, this post is going to be about “Girl Online On Tour”, the book Zoë Sugg aka Zoella wrote. If you haven’t read the book yet and you’re planning to read it, DON’T READ THE REST OF THIS POST!!!! ( not that many spoilers but hey, don’t say I didn’t warn you). But it’s soooo good!!!!!!!
For those who continue reading this, WELCOME and enjoy this!
Let me know if you guys ( if you read the book already) thought the same things and what your favorite moments in the story were. And if you haven’t read the book but are planning to, after reading this blogpost, what changed your mind? Tell me! I really wanna know.
Finally, I want to say that this won’t be a boring book report but an insight (in case you haven’t realized) in what I felt when I read the book and what my favorite moments were.
About the book itself =

Amazing cover, lovely colors, the text size is okay too. The difference in the fonts (ex. The font they wrote the Texts in and the font they wrote the Story in) was really good. And the sentences that were bold (in the blogs) were a nice alternation.
I really like the little pictures on the cover. Photograpy is something I really enjoy doing and it’s my dream to maybe be on the cover of a book/magazine with a picture I took.
The Story = ( This next part won’t be straightforward ( sorry to all my teachers :p ) but concurrence(? I don’t know if this is the right word) of all my thoughts and feelings… sorry about that! )
First of all : The book reads ( really, really, really) well ! (In dutch we say : het leest als een trein (translated : It reads like a train) ). But this time, the train is not the first place I started reading it. It was around 1am in my bed XD 
Where did you guys start?
It’s a very well written story, sometimes a bit predictable( but that’s probably because I read and watch a lot of romantic comedies ). I have to admit, a boy like Noah, the “Love interest”, is definitely a guy I would fall in love with #blushblush ;). Last time I wrote that I really wanted to go to NYC… now I just want to tour the world with my friends their band XD now that would be amazing. 
Who wants to go with me? :p (and who will pay for it ? :/) And who will finally recognize the talent that’s inside Carrosquare?!
I’m still not the biggest fan of such a cliché stories (this was my first thought when I read the back of the book), but O GOD was I wrong! The book has, like the first one, a great storyline, the characters are worked out really well and are very realistic / from this century. And although Zoë said ( in multiple interviews about the book) that the characters aren’t based on people that exist, I think she left a little piece of herself behind in every one of them, but mostly Penny. That was something that I noticed in the first book. Now it’s even clearer.  ( That’s actually not that weird cause she’s the main character) You guys probably know what I mean… if not, you really have to watch Zoë on Youtube or read her Blog!
On the other hand, it’s very clear that Brighton ( mostly the pier ( same in dutch? Ö) ) is again one of the most important places for Zoë. Positive for me : I really want to visit Brighton someday soon. 
*Adds ‘Touring in Europe’ to the bucket list.* 
The book made me think about blogging and if I want to continue doing it. I don’t know how this will end ( now 4 years on Tumblr, 65 94 followers later) but I really like doing this. From the story, I learned that you don’t have to hide if something doesn’t goes as planned or when someone tells a lie about you. And now, a few 1000 views later on my blogspot account. I really enjoy doing this. I don’t think I wan to become a youtuber. But Blogger and Photographer is a great goal for me.
I have to make my own dreams come true, not somebody elses. #girlonlineontour
Because I read Girl Online (like I mentioned in the beginning) I decided to write my blog ( like you can see below) in Dutch too so I can approach more people. To be honest, the Dutch parts aren’t that frequent anymore. I write a lot of my blogposts in English… But I try… I try…
It also made me think about the existence of the real “Prince Charming”. I came to the conclusion that he ( or she for that matter) does exist. You just have to be patient, he/she will come… someday. 😉 <- Yep, still waiting. 
Think about 3 things that make you happy when you’re sad -> this was one of the most inspiring things I read in the Girl Online and I really gonna try to remember that. I was a bit bumped that this didn’t made an appearance in this book… But Penny has grown. And that’s why I understand why it wasn’t used anymore.
While I was reading Girl Online I cried, laughed, cried from laughter and laughed even more. ( Really hard to not be loud when your parents are asleep in the room next to yours … #woops XD ) And now, after reading Girl Online On Tour I cried, laughed and cried from laughter even more. 
This time I didn’t find myself in Elliot but in the new character, Larry. The big guy wit the even bigger heart. A sucker for happy endings. And yes, I can be such a Larry sometimes! 
I don’t think that, because I read the book in Dutch, I’ve missed something.. In the first book I didn’t know Zoë as well ( as well as you can know a youtuber) as I do now….
What about you guys?
Here’s my top 10 of “Favorite moments in the book” (not in that order)
* The whole last chapter
* The trip into make-up land with Leah
* That time Penny streamed the whole concert to Sadie Lee and Bella
* The night Penny and Noah slept in the same bed #CutenessOverload
* Every time Penny took a picture I could imagine the scene and it’s just so perfect!
* The moment Noah and Penny (almost) visited the Eiffel Tower… Damned, SOOO CLOSE!
* Everything that had to do with Larry being a softy 🙂 #LOVETHATGUY
* When Elliot came to the rescue
* When Noah was the concerend boyfriend (that every girl should have)
* Pegasus Girl…. I have the feeling that could be me someday.. don’t know why but I just do.
And to be honest, I was really, really jealous about Penny XD as far as you can be jealous about a fictional character…. <- Yep, still am…. 
Finally, the answer to my 3 resolutions from last year =
* Posting a blopost every Thursday (unless something comes between) Check!
* Taking my camera with me everywhere ( if there’s something fun planned) Not really.. I did take A LOT of pictures for Instagram last year! ( Az_Sindriznarrvel )
* To keep Believing in myself I think so…. 
And if I may, a fourth one =
* Keeping my family and friends close. And enemies even closer.
And now guys, watch this : 

Hierboven kon je lezen wat ik vond van Girl Online On Tour, hier kan je het eigenlijk nog eens lezen maar dan in het Nederlands… hopelijk wordt het voor jullie nog iets duidelijker wat ik er nu eigenlijk echt van vond.
Wie het boek nog niet gelezen heeft en dit echt nog van plan is, LEES NIET VERDER! Maar het is echt wel een aanrader! Hierbij wil ik nog even vermelden dat er dus echt wel spoilers volgen én dat dit geweldig boek te danken is aan Zoë Sugg aka Zoella.
Voor wie nu echt verder zal lezen, WELKOM en geniet er van! Laat eens weten of jullie ( indien jullie het boek hebben gelezen) er ook zo over denken of wat jullie de leukste momenten vonden.
Als je het boek niet hebt gelezen en het je, door deze blog, wel aanspreekt, waarom? Vertel me wat je van gedachten heeft doen veranderen. 🙂
Ten slotte wil ik nog even vermelden dat dit geen saai boekverslag zal worden maar een inkijk ( indien je dit nog niet doorhad) op hoe ik mij voelde tijdens het lezen van het boek en wat mijn favoriete momenten waren in het verhaal.
Over het boek zelf =

Kei leuke omslag, zalige kleuren, tekstgrootte is ook zeer goed. Het wisselen van lettertype tussen smsjes en het gewone verhaal was zeer duidelijk. En af en toe een vetgedrukte zin in het boek ( de blogdelen dan wel) was echt een leuke afwisseling.  
Ik vind de foto’s op de cover echt leuk. Fotografie is iets wat ik super graag doe en het is echt een droom om ooit eens een zelf getrokken foto op een tijdschriftomslag of kaft van een boek te zien.
Het verhaal zelf = ( dit zal totaal geen rechtlijnige opbouw zijn, maar een samensmijtsel van mijn hersenkronkels 🙂 )
Eerst en vooral : het boek leest als een trein! Maar daar ben ik deze keer niet begonnen. Het was rond 1u ‘s nachts in mijn bed :p 
Waar zijn jullie begonnen?
Het is een zeer goed opgebouwd verhaal, soms een beetje voorspelbaar ( maar dat komt denk ik omdat ik zelf veel zo’n romantische komedies kijk/lees) . Ik moet eerlijk toegeven, op zo’n jongen als Noah, de “love interest”, zou ik zelf ook wel verliefd kunnen worden #bloosbloos 😉 . De vorige keer schreef ik dat ik echt naar NYC wilde… nu wil ik gewoon op tournee met de band van mijn maten XD Dat zou echt ZALIG zijn!
Wie wil er mee? :p (en betaalt ondertussen ook nog eens? :/ ) En wie wil eindelijk het talent eens zien dat Carrotsquare heeft?!
Nu, normaal ben ik nie echt zo’n fan van clichéverhaaltjes ( dit was mijn eerste idee van het boek toen ik de achterkant las), maar man man man, wat zat ik er naast! Er is een echte diepgang, de personen zijn echt goed uitgedokterd en zeer realistisch/ van deze tijd. En hoewel Zoë, in verschillende interviews over het boek, heeft gezegd dat de personages op niemand zijn gebaseerd heb ik echt wede indruk dat ze in ieder personage wel iets van zichzelf heeft achtergelaten, en dan vooral in Penny. Dat is iets wat mij opviel in het eerste boek. Nu valt het zelfs beter op. (wat misschien niet zó raar is aangezien ze het hoofdpersonage is) Jullie weten waarschijnlijk wel waarop ik doel… zo niet moeten jullie dringend Zoë volgen op Youtube of haar blog lezen!
Aan de andere kant is het echt overduidelijk dat Brighton ( en vooral de pier) de plaats is die Zoë het nauwst aan het hart ligt. Positief voor mij is dat ik echt steeds meer zin krijg om Brighton eens te bezoeken…
*Zet ‘Toeren door Europa’ op de bucket list.*
Het boek op zich heeft mij doen nadenken over bloggen en of ik zelf er mee verder wil doen. Ik weet totaal niet op wat dit zal uitdraaien ( nu 4 5 jaar op Tumblr en 65 94 volgers later ) maar ik doet dit echt wel graag. Uit het verhaal heb ik ook geleerd dat je je niet moet wegstoppen als iets tegenvalt of iemand een leugen over je vertelt. En nu, een kleine 1000 views op blogspot later, begin ik dit echt leuk te vinden. Ik denk niet dat ik echt een youtuber wil worden… Maar Bloggen en fotografie zijn een goed doel voor mij.
Ik moet mijn eigen dromen waarmaken en niet die van iemand anders #girlonlineontour
Door het lezen van Girl Online ( en dit heb ik ook in het begin vermeld) heb ik besloten om mijn blog ook in het Nederlands te schrijven en die achteraf te vertalen in het Engels zodat ik meer mensen kan aanspreken. Om eerlijk te zijn, de Nederlandstalige delen komen niet zo vaak meer voor. Ik schrijf veel in het Engels de laatste tijd… Maar ik blijf proberen… Ik probeer…
Het heeft mij ook doen nadenken over het bestaan van de prins op het witte paard en me eigenlijk doen inzien dat dit weldegelijk het geval kan zijn. Maar dat je gewoon geduld moet hebben, hij/zij komt zelf wel aanwaaien ( of rijden als het op een paard zou zijn 😉 ) <- Yep, nog altijd aan het wachten….
Denk wanneer je verdrietig bent altijd aan 3 leuke dingen -> was een van de meest inspirerende dingen die ik in Girl Online gelezen heb en ik zal dit ook echt proberen! Ik vond het wel wat spijtig dat dit niet terugkwam in het tweede boek… Maar Penny is gegroeid. En daardoor versta ik het wel dat het niet meer voorkwam.
Ik heb tijdens het lezen van Girl Online gelachen, gehuild en nog meer gelachen ( wat trouwens zeer moeilijk was om stil te houden aangezien, op het uur wanneer ik het boek las, mijn ouders al aan het slapen waren… #woops ) En nu, tijdens het lezen van Girl Online On Tour heb ik zelfs nog meer geweend, gelachen en geweend van het lachen. 
Deze keer heb ik mezelf niet gevonden in Elliot maar in een nieuw personage, Larry. De beer van een vent met een even groot hart. En ja, ik kan zo’n Larry zijn soms!
Ik denk niet dat ik, omdat ik het boek in het Nederlands heb gelezen, dat ik daarom iets gemist heb van het verhaal… In het eerste boek kende ik Zoë nog niet zo goed (aleja, zo goed als je een wereldberoemde youtubster kan kennen) als nu…
Wat denken jullie?
Hier zijn mijn “Favoriete momenten uit het boek” Top 10 😀 (niet specifiek in die volgorde)
* Het volledige laatste hoofdstuk
* De reis naar Make-Up land met Leah
* Het moment dat Penny het hele concert filmde voor Sadie Lee en Bella
* De nacht dat Penny en Noah samen in hetzelfde bed sliepen #CutenessOverload
* Iedere keer dat Penny een foto nam, ik kon mij zo de foto voorstellen, gewoon machtig.
* Het moment dat Noah en Penny (bijna) de eiffeltoren hadden bezocht… Dju toch, ZOOOOO DICHTBIJ!!!!
* Alles dat te maken had met Larry die eigenlijk een softy is 🙂 #LOVETHATGUY
* Wanneer Elliot ter hulp schoot
* Wanneer Noah het bezorgde vriendje was (zo eentje dat eigenlijk ieder meisje zou moeten hebben)
* Pegasus Girl… Ik heb het gevoel dat ik mij kon zijn een dezer dagen.. Ik weet niet waarom maar ik heb zo’n gevoel.
Om echt eerlijk te zijn, ik was verdorie stikjaloers op Penny XD Voor zover je jaloers kan zijn op een fictief personage uit een goed boek natuurlijk… <- Ja, ben ik nog steeds
En ten slotte, mijn 3 goede voornemens =
* Iedere donderdag een blogpost ( tenzij er iets tussenkomt) Check!
* Mijn camera altijd meedoen (als er ook maar iets leuks te gebeuren staat) Niet echt… Ik HEB WEL veel foto’s getrokken voor Instagram dit jaar! (Az_Sindriznarrvel)
* In mezelf blijven geloven Ik denk het….
En als ik nog een vierde mag bijvoegen =
* Mijn beste vrienden en familie dicht bij me houden. En vijanden nog dichter.
en nu mensen kan je dit nog bekijken :


Lights are just things…

Hy everyone! And welcome to my first book review of the year! 
(sorry iedereen.. opnieuw een engelstalige post 😦 Volgende week een Nederlandstalige! Belooft!)
I’m going to talk about a book I actually finished reading last year. But because of blogmas I didn’t find the time to write a bookreview about it. It was in general a lovely book. But not suited for everyone…I think. Ah well, read on, you can decide for yourself! 
The book is called “All the Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr (an American author) and was one of the books I could tick of my list from last years Reading Challenge. ( ) Anthony actually became somewhat famous with this book…
So if you are wondering where I got this book: I did an internship for almost 2 months at my local library. And this was one of the books that came in one day and I was drawn to it! I just couldn’t keep my eyes of the cover… when I had to put it in place the next day I asked the librarian to put it on my card and now I have it at home 🙂 ( for another 2 days or so XD than I have to return it :p) 
But yeah, that’s my plan for this blogpost!! 
If you haven’t read the book yet and you’re planning to read it, DON’T READ THE REST OF THIS POST!!!! ( not that many spoilers but hey, don’t say I didn’t warn you).
For those who continue reading this, WELCOME and enjoy this!
Let me know if you guys ( if you read the book already) thought the same things and what your favorite moments in the story were. And if you haven’t read the book but are planning to, after reading this blogpost, what changed your mind? Tell me! I really wanna know
Finally, I want to say that this won’t be a boring book report but an insight (in case you haven’t realized) in what I felt when I read the book and what my favorite moments were.
And yes, again, I copied and pasted some things of my last book reviews in this one again. 
About the book itself
Dutch cover 
English/American cover

To be honest, I like the dutch cover more than I like the American one… I think it’s because there are people on the cover and the color is more attractive than the blue one….  the font is okay, like all books 🙂 Nothing more to say about it
The story =  This next part won’t be straightforward ( sorry to all my teachers :p ) but a concurrence(? I don’t know if this is the right word) of all my thoughts and feelings… sorry about that! )
Again this was a story that needed my full attention ( just like a green flower 😉 ( ). The story is definitely NOT straightforward! It’s in bits and pieces to be honest. And that is the hardest part of the book. You really, really need to stay focused and return a few pages when you don’t know what year you’re in. But I like the idea of throwbacks in a book. It’s complicated to write, complicated to follow but so great when you finally read the whole story! You get a lot of background on the two main characters. And I’m so bumped they didn’t start a relationship! Now that would be a very romantic ending for the book. 
On the other hand, the ending is everything I’d expected. I’m glad he took the story to this “time”. You already knew how the characters evolved in the war… in the last chapter, you get to know what happend to the 2 main characters. 
Because I live in Belgium, we learn about the holocaust and other things about Germany. We always learned that the Germans were bad people and stuff like that. But after reading this book I know that not all Germans were bad. Some of them didn’t like the war at all, they didn’t want to fight or kill everyone they met or something like that. That’s another reason I really like the 2 main characters in the book. One of them, Werner, is German and the author really did an amazing job on his thoughts and feelings during the war. 
In my last bookreview about the green flower trilogy, I said that the story was slow at some points. But that wasn’t the case with this one. It just went on and on and on and on :p Doerr just got me hooked all the time! 
The theme… new! That’s the word to describe it. New. It was new because it’s a theme that not many authors have written about. The theme is not “the war” like most of you would think about now, it’s “blindness” and how Marie-Laure, the other main character, experiences the war as a blind person. It’s really amazing to read and understand something from a whole other point of view. (okay okay, bad choice of words)
But I stop here with my review. If you want to know more, just ask but I could go on about this book for another 3 hours I think.
My favorite moments in the book(not in that order)
* The first time “Dad” let Marie-Laure find her way back home from the museum by herself. That was a bit of a “What on earth do you think you’re doing?! Don’t let that girl wander by herself! You imbecile!” and “Come on Marie, you can do it!’ kind of moment for me 🙂
* When Werner met Frederick. Reminded me of my first day of high school
* Every birthday Marie had in the book. I want a dad like that! Loved the puzzles! 
* First time great uncle Etienne left his room to speak with Marie 🙂
* First time Werner and Marie met… Sparks, just spraks I tell you! 
* When Werner repairs his first radio
* Everything that had to do with Jutta! 
* When Werner was called to the office after making the motor on his own (just read the book!)
* The secret radio behind the closet
* The little place with the snails. I don’t know why but that’s something that stayed with me for a while.. And something I can imagine because of the description Marie gave herself 🙂 
Voila, that’s it for this week!
Untill next time!