My To Do List for 2018

Hy guys!

I thought it would be fun to share a little to do list with you guys this week 🙂

I’m sorry I didn’t upload a blogpost last week but I was really, really busy and just couldn’t find the time to write a decent one.

So, I give you my To Do List of 2018!

1) Get a new Twitter Bio on my personal account. I’m getting tired of seeing the same one every single day. I need a new twitter bio! Hit me up if you wanna help 🙂

2) Do Blogposts for Eurovision 2018, starting next month with a top 5! 😀 There is, at this very moment, only one song known for 2018 and I LOVE it. I do think there will be an overall genre this year… but that’s something for the blogpost in March when we know all the songs!

3) Start writing my christmas posts in summer. Cause seriously, I never manage to post them all on time so I really need to start writing those sooner. Maybe even now. Let me know what you wanna see!!!

4) Take awsome pictures and get a new program to edit them. I’m thinking of changing to photoshop or Lightroom.. still researching those two.

5) Read a lot of books. There are two books on my nightstand since the beginning of january. I haven’t started one of them. #ShameonMe

6) Make more to do’s.





Books I’ve read in 2017

Hy guys and happy 2018!

I hope you started the year with a lot of fun, love and some resolutions that actually are meant to be fulfilled 🙂 
As you guys know, I read a lot and I kept track of my reading on my blog last year. And before I start a new one, I wanted to share this list with you guys 🙂 
If you want me to do a book review on one of those books, let me know! I’m thinking of doing one on the duology I read during the Christmas holidays.
With every book I’m giving you guys an idea why I loved it 🙂 
So, without further ado, here’s my reading list of 2017!
(month/ Title – Author) 


Dec/ Six of Crows – Leigh BardugoAfbeeldingsresultaat voor six of crows

What a series! I had a hard time starting this book. I had a lot to do for school, work and just was toooo tired when I got home. But I’m glad I kept reading because I am IN LOVE. I just adore books that take you to another world but with things you still can recognize from your life.




Nov/ Allemaal willen we de hemel – Els Beerten

Another favorite of mine, books that take you back to one of the two World Wars. And there’s music involved.

Nov/ Team Mortis : De Spiegelmoorden – Bjorn Van den Eynde

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor team mortis

Okt/ Team Mortis : Bloedlijst – Bjorn Van den Eynde

Okt/ Team Mortis : Kristalkinderen – Bjorn Van den Eynde

Okt/ Team Mortis : De Zwarte Zon – Bjorn Van den Eynde

Okt/ Team Mortis : Het Dodenspel – Bjorn Van den Eynde

Sep/ Team Mortis: De Bende van Venus – Bjorn Van den Eynde

Books about espionage (like Alex Rider from Anthony Horowitz or Sam Smith by Belgian author Jonas Boets) are fun when they involve spy’s that are around my age at the time. It gives you the feeling of “What if…”

Sep/ Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban – JK Rowling

I read 4 harry potter books this year…. Well.. Actually 3, one was the script of Cursed Child. And you all know I’m a big Harry Potter fan :p

Sep/ Team Mortis: Het Romeo & Juliet Mysterie – Bjorn Van den Eynde

Sep/ Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets – JK Rowling

August/ Farseer Trilogy – Robin Hobb

Honestly, I still haven’t finished this one. I’m planning on it, for sure, but I have to charge my tablet for this.. Hard work, I know.

July/ The trials of Apollo 2 – Rick Riordan

Big fan of Rick Riordan here! His chapter titles crack me up every time XD

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor black leaves maja wolny

July/ Czarne Liście (Black Leaves) – Maja Wolny


Not the best book I’ve read this year but it’s not bad.



June/ Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – JK Rowling

June/ The Battle of Hackham Heath – John Flanagan

As a fan of those other worlds I told you about, the Ranger Apprentice series is another good example. Flanagan made a great new world for us to explore but it’s still “human”.

May-June/ Zoo – James Patterson (still not quite finished)

…And I probably will never finish this one. The series is just sooo much better. Read my blogpost I did on this HERE

Apr/ No Man’s Land – Simon Tolkien

It was a thick, very long book and it took me a while to find the “flow” that goes with it. But I found it! Again, another book about one of the World Wars. At the time I was watching DC’s Legends (SPOILER ALERT) and there’s an episode where they are searching for Tokien (Simon’s grandpa) in that World War… HERE is the blogpost I did on this book

Mar/ Sprakeloos – Tom Lanoye

Hard book to read (in dutch). Not because I didn’t like it or it was difficult, no. It was a book that made my think about my grandpa, my family.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor miss peregrine's home for peculiar

Mar/ Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children – Ransom Riggs

Now, this was one of my favorites this year! I still have to see the movie but I expect it will be as great as the book 🙂

Mar/ Girl Online Going Solo – Zoe Sugg

I still remember the day I did my first blogpost on this bookseries. Tumblr, 2015. But, tbh, I still have to do a blogpost on this one. Not quit sure if I will…

Mar/ The Valiant – Lesley Livingston

I LOVED this book! And I really want more. I NEED BOOK TWO.

Mar/ Allegiant – Veronica Roth

Allegiant, Insurgent and Divergent. 3 great books, 3 great movies. I’m a bit disappointed they never made a fourth movie.

Feb/ The Hammer of Thor – Rick Riordan

Again… Rick Riordan fan.

Feb/ Insurgent – Veronica Roth

Feb/ Divergent – Veronica RothAfbeeldingsresultaat voor divergent series books

Feb/ Reached – Ally Condie

A time, long, long, loooooong ago, I read the first part of The Matched Trilogy. I didn’t really like the first book at the time. Probably because I was a bit too young to understand the feelings the characters where having. But this year I read part 2 and 3 and was HOOKED. Like omg, what a series!

Jan/ Crossed – Ally Condie

Jan/ Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Script

It’s just weird to read a script.

Jan/ Ten Thousand Skies above you – Claudia Gray

Jan/ A thousand Pieces of you – Claudia Gray

This was the best NY gift EVER. I normally hate it what someonAfbeeldingsresultaat voor a thousand skies above youe gives me a book as a present because most people don’t really know what I like to read. But my friends did a wonderfull job on this one. Part 3 is out now so I really want to read it this year! HERE is the blogpost I did on this book last year.