Get to know….

… Margo!

Hy guys! I hoped you liked the Ultimate Youtuber Guide from last week 😀

Here’s the start something I like to call a new series of blogposts! I found the “Get to know me” tag online and because there are 3 authors on this blog, I thought, why don’t we all fill those questions in and post them here 😀

Today I’m gonna start with this tag 😀 You guys probably know me a bit already but there’s a lot I haven’t talked about yet! So, here we go 😀

The Questions:


Name: Margo 
Nicknames : Max, Marge
Birthday: 16th of August, 1995
Place of Birth : Roeselare
Star Sign : Leo
Occupation : Student

Hair colour : Brown/Bronze/a bit Blonde
Hair length : Shorter than I want it to be atm… Shoulderlength
Eye colour : Brown
Best feature : Eyes
Braces : I had braces in First/second grade in high school
Piercings : Earrings
Tattoos : Not yet :p 
Righty of Lefty : Rightyyyy

Best friend : Gaëlle
Award : euuuhmmm… Champions of 2009 (I think?) in regionals with my volleyball team
Sport : Tennis
Real Holiday : South of France, 1996
Concert : I went to by myself : Pentatonix…I played myself: a little concert with our Youth Ensemble back in 2007

Film : Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone
TV Show : Glee and about 50 others. ATM: Riverdale, The Originals & Baby Daddy
Colour : Orange
Song : ATM: Something just like this by the Chainsmokers & Coldplay. Always: Sound the Bugle by Bryan Adams (and Summer of 69)

Restaurant : Loka in Lichtervelde and Yammi Yammi Sushi in Ghent.
Store : Every bookshop ever made :p
Book : Always: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix…ATM: No man’s land by Simon Tolkien
Magazine : Guido Magazine
Shoes : My white McGregor sneakers 😀

Feeling: Okay I guess :p 
Single or Taken :Single…
Eating: The inside of my mouth! HUNGRY
Listening to :Hamilton Soundtrack
Thinking about : When I’m going to eat and if I could watch the frist episode of the next 4 of Zoo..
Watching : Facebook page
Wearing : All my clothes are from Yessica, shoes from Geox

Want Children: Yes, one
Want to be married: Yes
Careers in mind :Music Teacher, Director, Social Cultural Worker
Where do you want to live : Here in my little town in the middle of West-Flanders.

Do you believe in
God: If there is more than one, yes.. Just like the Romans, Greek, Vikings….
Miracles : Yes!
Love at first sight : Definitely
Ghosts : sometimes… Depends on the place, time…
Aliens: I believe there is life out there somewhere but to call it Aliens….
Soul Mates: Yes!!! Still looking for mine….
Heaven: Probably… But I’d rather go to the underworld. 
Hell: See Heaven :p 
Kissing on the first date: Depends if he’s someone I knew before or not. 
Yourself: Sometimes.. depends on what I’m doing.




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