Blogmas day 1

Hy guys and welcome to Blogmas 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My days are not on point yet ( so ideas for blogposts are still welcome!)

but don’t you worry! For the next 24 days ( AAAAAAAAAH 24 days untill christmas!!! 😀 )

you will get a blogpost every single day!

Today I’m just going to give you guys a list of who I’m going to follow for Vlogmas, like I did last year.

First up we have miss Zoë Sugg aka Zoëlla! 

It’s just not vlogmas without her. Tons of decorations and christmas goodness for sure!!

As second in my top 3 I’m going to follow Jack Maynard (although I’m not sure he will do Vlogmas… we’ll see 🙂  )

Third and last on the list : Mister Mark Ferris & Mister Joe Sugg 🙂

Yeah, I can’t choose between the both of them sooooo I’m going to follow both of them :p

CU Tomorrow!!!!!




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