Top 10 photos…

…of 2015!!
Last year I did my top 10 favorite photo’s of 2014. And I thought, I can’t let everyone down who supported me this year. Last year, I wrote:  
there’s no number one or number ten, I like them equally ! But I’m gonna number them top to bottom”
But this time I let my readers and friends choose the top 10 from my top 20 favorites of 2015.In this last week the last 3 pictures (so 8,9 and 10) where chosen. Weird, huh? But that was how it went….But let’s get on with it!So, here is my top 10 photos of 2015!
#10 : Yannick Destrée, the Saxophonist of 
(click link to go to their facebookpage), picture taken at Graveson, France.
#9 : siensalabiemaka Sien, one of my best friends, picture was taken at the Camarguez, France
#8 : One of those marvelous white horses from the Camargue, picture was taken at Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-mer, France
#7 : A very curious goat at the Pet zoo in Lichtervelde, Belgium
#6 : Viktor Puype… Aka Jimi Hendrix in a younger body 😉 – Lead singer of Carrotsquare. Keep that name in mind guys, the will be great someday. (Original song – Rain) Picture was taken at Wingene, dE Mutse. 
#5 : My cat, Pleute. 15 years and still thinks she can do everything! Picture taken at Lichtervelde, Belgium
#4: The hands-in (hands in?) at our production of “Brassed Off” , Lichtervelde, Belgium
#3: siensalabiem (again) 😀 picture was taken at the Les Baux de Provence,  France
#2 : A random guy we (Sien and I) met in Avignon, during the Festival of Avignon.
#1 : And my favorite and your choice for this years number one : Viktor Puype (again :p ) Picture was taken at their gig in Krottegem, Belgium
Follow Carrotsquare’s journey on their Facebookpage : 

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