Blogmas Day 1!

My favorite Vloggers to follow for Vlogmas! 

Hy guys!

I’m starting of my Blogmas with a post about Vlogmas…. in English!

But first:

I’m doing Blogmas, so 24 days of blogging about Christmas things 😀 and I’m going to post a blog in English on every uneven day and a Dutch one on every other day!

So, here are my 3 favorite Vloggers for Vlogmas 2015!

3) Joe Sugg – Thatcher Joe 

not a daily vlogger… unless it’s Vlogmas! ;D 

2) Jim Chapman & Tanya Burr

great the past years, now they are married and have a pup! Will be AMAZING!!!!!

1) Zoë Sugg – Zoella

The decorations, the food & the presents… just wait and see 🙂
See you guys in two days! Or tomorrow if you’re going to read the Dutch ones too!


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