What could go wrong.. Halloween Edition!

WARNING, The following is an insight in the imaginative minds of me and my friends and aren’t realistic (in some cases) . Enjoy Ps: a few of the things are re-used from this post : http://belgiumgirlwithdreams.blogspot.be/2015/02/what-could-go-wrong-on-valentines-day.html – All your pumpkins got smashed – Your house got wrapped in toiletpaper – A red devil kills all your… Read More What could go wrong.. Halloween Edition!

Series (oktober 2015)

Hoi allemaal! Ja, JA, eindelijk terug in het Nederlands! :p (Sorry to every one of my english readers!)Maar vandaag zal ik het dus hebben over de series ( zowel Engels als Nederlandstalige) die ik op dit moment volg of deze maand al gevolgd heb. Ik stel mezelf ook dezelfde vragen. Favoriete personage, favoriete acteur(of actrice) (als dit mogelijk is), favo moment,….… Read More Series (oktober 2015)

top 10

…pictures from my latest vacation! Hy guys! At the beginning of this year I posted a blogpost called “my favorite photos of 2014“. And I was thinking of doing the same thing again but now with my favorites from my last vacation in France. So, here they are! 1) Festival d’Avignon  2) Camargue – one… Read More top 10