My favorite photos of 2014 ( Posted on January 5th , 2015)

My favorite photos of 2014
I just saw “my favorite photos of 2014” mattyvogel ( and  GO FOLLOW HIM! HE’S AMAZING!!!!) and thought, why not do the same thing? 🙂  ( Sorry Matty, you just had a great idea and I really, really adore you! ) 
so, here are my favorite photos of 2014
there’s no number one or number ten, I like them equally ! But I’m gonna number them top to bottom :
#1 : Manou, the dog of one of my friends. Picture shot at Folklore in Lichtervelde, Belgium
#2 : Auke, Lead singer & guitarist from the group Band of Brothers. ( RIP ) Picture shot in Roeselare, Belgium, at Versus 2014 : Battle of Schoolbands. This was their second to last performance. (
#3 : Arthur and his mom. Picture shot at a cemetery in Audruicq, France
#4 : Little Agnes, shot at Offekerque, France
#5 : shot at Cassis, France
#6 : Vince Le Sur, Guitarist at Orchestre Ose Sébastien Echeverria (click link to go to their facebookpage), picture taken at Graveson, France.
#7 : Little Girl, picture shot at Graveson, France
#8 : siensalabiem aka Sien, one of my best friends, picture was taken at the Camarguez, France
#9 : Michèle, (Party)shot at Ghent, Belgium
#10 : A girl I’ve been taken pictures of every year for the past 3 years in Graveson, France. I (sadly) don’t know her name.  
Check out my post :  on her and the other 3 I follow 🙂 
Hope you guys enjoyed 2014
Happy (late XD) New Year!
and let’s have a great 2015!

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